ВОЗДУХ 2014. г. Петрозаводск. 20-22 июня 2014


The International Musical Festival «Air» (Vozduh) becomes much better!

Music Open Air Festival will begin in two months

The Music Open Air Festival «Air» has passed in capital of republic of Kareliya - Petrozavodsk already the third time. It is a multistyle and international festival with several tens of participants from everywhere of Russia and even from abroad. Such known musical groups as «SerGa» («Ear-ring»), «Undervud», Uta, «Masha and Bears», «Kotiteollisuus» («Cottage industry»), «The end of film», «Naiv», «Surganova and orchestra», «December», Maxim Leonidov, «King and the clown», «Alisa», «The pilot», «The bricks», «Ivan Kupala» and a favorite group of Europe - the Latvian musical collective «Brainstorm» took part in a festival last year.

The festival lasts three days and contains two stages (western stage is prepared specially for young groups). Collectives present their best high-grade music programs.

The «Air» is not the simply large concert of stars. The festival is held on the landing-strip of aerodrome «Peski» («Sands»). The aerodrome is surrounded on one side by wood and another side by the Onega Lake. The landing-strip of aerodrome contains also concert platforms, and side-shows, basketball and volleyball platforms and a tourist zone of rest. There is also a tent camp.

The festival is a main adventure of summer for the most visitors. A lot of guests of festival provide ourselves with tents. They have been living in a protected tent camp for three days with grate pleasure. Festival organizers guarantee to all visitors security. Also viewers have an opportunity to buy different drinks and meal. By the way City of Petrozavodsk Administration, Radio station "Our Radio (Nashe Radio)" (Petrozavodsk) and Karelian broadcasting company «Nika» are festival organizers.

Always before grate music festivals can hear many questions about safety of the population during the action. How to guarantee quiet and comfortable pastime on a huge field, where have a nice time more than 25 thousand people? This question is main for the festival organizers. Therefore all power structures are recruited for keeping order on a festival. The safety is supported by staffs of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations and security enterprises. Firemen and ambulance men are also ready to help. Many people know about good organized safety during the festival, that's why they visit concert with their own families.

Last festivals presented surprising memoirs, excellent music and fresh Air to all Petrozavodsk citizens and visitors of city!

This year «Air» will take place 20-22 June. Organizers will present more known musical groups and maximum comfort to everybody who has been waiting for the Main adventure of summer!

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